Sparky (sparkyman) wrote in disgaea_slash,

Hi, there!

I have just discovered this community exists and... well... I've just joined.

Let me introduce myself. I'm sparkyman, I'm Spanish, I'm 26, and a gamer since 20 years ago. I love Nippon Ichigames because... I'm obsessed with old school games and cute thingies, and N1 games usually happen to make both join.

I think it's great there's a Disgaea slash community because... well... there are not too many videogame yaoi/yuri communities, as far as I know, and I'd really love to see fanfiction and fanart related to alternative fanom pairings such as Etna/Flonne (too damn cute, and kinda present in some canon ilustrations), Prier/Alouette, Laharl/Aramis (he, he, heeee)... or whatever. And yes, maybe "slash" is usually related to Western stuff (Harry Potter, Smallville and so on), but I think is a very generic word, and it kinda sumarizes the idea of "both yaoi and yuri" in just one word.

That's all by now. I'll be posting soon.

EDIT: About the layout, I think the header pic is cute, but try to change the text font color. I can hardly read ^^U.
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