that dude right over there (aslut4jer) wrote in disgaea_slash,
that dude right over there

so um what about makai kingdom

im to broke to pick up any of the nipon games before it but is this the place to be if you love makai kingdom

well if not ill leave peacefully

but if it it................... well ahhhhh nice to be here
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If you've got some Pram / Trenia picture (for instance... isn't there Harry/Draco fanstuff in Harry Potter fandom? there are weirder things, indeed), we will love you forever and ever.
Aw, Harry/Draco isn't THAT weird. >.>

Er, so yeah. ANYWAY. Heeeey, mister new guy! O'course Makai Kingdom is included, as with any Nippon Ichi game. I just didn't think of that when naming this...
Oh, and if anyone has anything even remotely related to Pram/Trenia, I will, of course, pay you for it.

Okay, not really. I don't have any money. But if you do, hand it over or I'll punch you in the neck.
Where'd you get your layout???

(random yes I know)