September 9th, 2005



Yesh! This is so cool! I <3 Disgaea slashness! Of course I haven't quite finished the game yet, but I will . .Someday. ^_^;;; Might as well introduce myself, right? Right?

The name is yaoiophile (but I support yuri too)! I'm American and live in teh lovely state of Indiana. Not much to say about me though, just your typical Disgaea fan I guess. But I don't know how you would describe them since they aren't many. That I know of anyway. But whatever. *shrug*

I'll stop rambling and ramble off my yaoi pairing! I <3 Vyers/Laharl? ANyone else? It seems no one does. . Or hasn't said so. . . .

But yeah, maybe after I finish the game and have a lot more knowledge I'll have more pairings. :D