Li Mei Xing (ezqiinah) wrote in disgaea_slash,
Li Mei Xing

Craptacular fanart!

Lalala~ Here I come to beat the life back into this thing with some REALLY BAD fanart! Wow, lookit that there... thing. *Vanna White hand motions*

ARG! WHY WON'T YOU WORK, YOU BASTARD!? Edit: Oh, it works now.

[Copied and pasted from deviantArt cause I'm lazy.]

Yeah, I was both sick and tired when I drew this, so get off my back, man.

Well, I finally did it, like I said I would, but it came out all horrible. Like for some reason, when I blended the pencils (it's a marker-type thing), parts would smudge. It's not the ink, and the blender nib was pretty clean, so I don't know. Maybe some pencil lines that didn't get erased?

For a while I thought that Lamington was really hard to draw, but not anymore. No one can compare to Mid-boss when it comes to horribly difficult to draw characters. This entire thing was a pain to do. I can't draw men, couples, shirtless men, shirtless anorexic men, backgrounds, complicated poses, anything that doesn't involve standing in front of a white background, and FANART. I have no idea how Lamington's robes... work and I can't draw his bangs. And that's not a badly drawn rose, it's a badly drawn poppy. So yeah.

[Kinda spoilery and stuff. For the good ending, yo.]

And I know this seems like another random, nonsense!Sedge pairing, but there's actually some, uh, reasoning behind this. You see, Vyers is that faceless guy Lamington talks to throughout the game. And that faceless guy is... in actuality... Laharl's dad, King Kirchevskoy. Reincarnated, transmigrated, stuffed into another body, whatever.
Now the way I see it, they were trying to bring peace 'n stuff to Celestia and the Netherworld, right? Since you never hear anyone talking about it, they must be keeping it a secret, right?
And why would they do that? Well, angels and demons aren't exactly the best of friends, so just imagine the 'public outcry'. In fact, I'm sure the angels would be all up in arms over the fact that they're friends, peace or not. Have to protect the Seraph's innocence from them crazy, perverted demons, right?
Let's think about this, shall we? Two races that hate each other? Two people, one from each side, who... uh... don't. Sound familiar?

Note: I hate dA and it's damnably short title limit. 'Peacemaking is a euphemism for sex.' is what I wanted.
You know, even though they haven't done anything yet, and even if they did, it'd probably be all fully clothed and you wouldn't be able to tell.

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