Sparky (sparkyman) wrote in disgaea_slash,

Hi, there!

I have just discovered this community exists and... well... I've just joined.

Let me introduce myself. I'm sparkyman, I'm Spanish, I'm 26, and a gamer since 20 years ago. I love Nippon Ichigames because... I'm obsessed with old school games and cute thingies, and N1 games usually happen to make both join.

I think it's great there's a Disgaea slash community because... well... there are not too many videogame yaoi/yuri communities, as far as I know, and I'd really love to see fanfiction and fanart related to alternative fanom pairings such as Etna/Flonne (too damn cute, and kinda present in some canon ilustrations), Prier/Alouette, Laharl/Aramis (he, he, heeee)... or whatever. And yes, maybe "slash" is usually related to Western stuff (Harry Potter, Smallville and so on), but I think is a very generic word, and it kinda sumarizes the idea of "both yaoi and yuri" in just one word.

That's all by now. I'll be posting soon.

EDIT: About the layout, I think the header pic is cute, but try to change the text font color. I can hardly read ^^U.
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Hey! Someone actually joined! I'm in shock.

So, uh... hi! How's the weather? (Yeah, that's my ice breaker. I'm such a horrible conversationalist)

(Hopefully it's semi-readable now. There must be something wrong with my monitor. Or my eyes.)
How do you feel about cross game pairings, such as say, Prier and Etna?
Any pairing is okay, as long as it's slash. *nods*

And since Prier is in Disgaea and all...